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Here at Little Cane Creek Farm, we're looking for great people for our upcoming Fall season. We are an entertainment business that focuses on people having fun. However, it takes the right person. We want people who are passionate about creating a fun and friendly atmosphere for our guests. Our guests will drive from all around the upstate of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia to spend their day with us. Our job is to make sure it is a smooth and fun time from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. And we need you to help us take care of them. 


Here's what we're looking for:


  • You must be able to work outside for long periods of time. And it's HOT!

  • Not only is it HOT during the day, but sometimes later it's COOL in the evening. We need people who know how to prepare for various conditions. 

  • We're looking for people who are not shy, and we want you to have FUN and TALK to our guests!

  • If you love to be on your mobile phone at work, then this isn't the right job for you. 

  • You'll probably get dirty. It's a farm, it happens.  

  • We have bugs. Lots of bugs. If you don't mind bugs, then you may be our person. 

  • Are you allergic to corn, cows, or wildflowers? Yes? Then you probably shouldn't apply.

  • Employees are required to work on Saturdays and Sundays (see our hours of operation on the side of the page) for 6 weeks. You don't necessarily work each one of these days, but you will work every week for 6 weeks.


Well, if you made it through this list and you're still qualified, then fill out the application below. We'll go through all the applicants and may contact you for an additional interview. 

Tell Us About You!

Thanks for submitting!

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